Intelligent Connect


Utilizing the 3CX Softphone you can make calls, transfer calls, see coworkers presence and more.

Manage Calls with 3CX Switchboard

The 3CX softphone applications include a powerful switchboard function that can be tailored to the way you want to view and manage telephone calls in real-time. With 5 different views to choose from it can cater to any job role.

Drag and drop calls for quick transfer

Ideal for Call Centers – includes Wallboard and Q-Manager view

View the presence of colleagues easily

Receptionist view allows easy management of incoming calls

Powerful, Easy to use Softphones for Windows and Mac

With powerful softphones for Mac and Windows, 3CX allows you to easily manage your phone calls, whether in the office using CTI and your desk phone, or on the road using your laptop.

Unlike other PBXs, no additional licence fees are charged – and because the clients are fully integrated they are easy to deploy and manage for administrators, as well as easy to use for employees.

Integrates with Office 365, Google, Outlook and Others!

Launch calls directly from your CRM software. Inbound calls are matched to customers based on the caller ID and logged in your CRM system. Accurate call journalling of inbound and outbound calls with call duration allows you to generate insightful reports on customer and agent activities.

Use Office 365, Google contacts or internal phonebook

Launch calls from your CRM

Converts cryptical Caller ID to a customer name

Detailed reports on customer / agent activities, no manual call logging

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