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Intelligent Communications offers a streamlined all inclusive product. We include Web Conference, Mobile APP and Softphone for one price when others don’t.

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Intelligent Communications offers a two tiered service plan. You receive the all inclusive features of our cloud phone system with Intelligent Connect, and an On-Site Service Plan with Intelligent Choice. *On-Site only available in New England.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Solutions to Questions frequently asked by current customers.

Do you support Call Centers?

We offer advanced call center features for maximum employee productivity and enhanced customer service. Make sales, offer support, resolve issues and build customer relationships using the latest in unified communications and call center technology.

CRM, Wallboard and Statistics

With CRM integration, wallboard, reporting, statistics, IVR and more, Our contact center software is integrated into all deployments. This ensures that your employees can work more efficiently, track their progress and provide valuable interactions that your customers will remember.

What is a Hosted PBX?

A Hosted PBX is a private branch exchange (PBX) delivered as a hosted service. It’s also known as a Virtual PBX and the advantages companies that use it experience are the elimination of installation, operation and maintenance costs of their VoIP PBX as their VoIP service provider hosts their PBX for them.

What is an Auto-Attendant?

Auto-Attendant (or automated attendant) is a term commonly used in telephony to describe a voice menu system that allows callers to be transferred to an extension without going through a telephone operator or receptionist. The auto-attendant is also known as a digital receptionist.

Is this hard to manage?

Most IP-PBX solutions provide a web-based configuration interface. The obvious benefit to this is that the system administrator has access to the configuration of the system – the configuration tools are no longer hidden away from the system administrator, allowing him/her to make the changes if they so desire.

Do you have a Mobile App?

The SIP protocol is an IP-based protocol, and SIP softphones are now available for any smartphone. This transforms your smartphone into an extension on the corporate IP-PBX, so as long as your phone has IP connectivity, it can talk to the IP-PBX – from a coffee shop, from a hotel room, from an airport lounge, from a yacht marina. Be connected – anywhere, everywhere!

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